January 15, 2020

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John the Baptist was doing his thing. Baptizing. Preaching. Telling others. His whole ministry was helping people prepare a new way. In their lives. In the world. He was pretty focused on what God was about to do.

Just then, Jesus rolls up on the scene and he gets to finally say: HERE! He’s HERE! “Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” Maybe he even pointed at him. I always picture it that way.

Not everyone in the Jesus story is so clearly pointed. Or pointing. Some interact with Jesus and walk away. Some get to the hard parts at the cross and seem to run. Some hear the challenge of faith or following and turn in the other direction.

But John keeps pointing.

As I reread his story this week, I wondered: Do I point equally as clear as John did? When those moments of kingdom-breaking-in-clarity happen, am I pointing them out to others?

Or do I walk away, turn the other direction, hide from the enormity of a moment or just falter overwhelmed by my own humanity?

I want to pay attention to that today. And I’d like to invite you to do the same.

As you go through today’s daily tasks, family moments, job lists, conversations and free time, who/what will you find yourself pointing at? How does your faith in this Lamb of God shape your pointing finger? Your words? Your actions? Your interactions? Your mission? Your quiet?

I’d like to think my day will be filled with John-like moments, but I’m fairly sure there are some huge gaps in there too. What’s going on in those gaps? How can I be more mindful/faithful in those moments to recognize God’s power and presence?

Let’s see what happens as Jesus rolls up into my day.

I invite you into this day of reflection as well!

Lord, help me be mindful and present to see where I’m pointing. And as I do, may I point more toward you. Amen

Still in One Peace,