The History of St. Paul’s

Being the oldest Lutheran Church in Erie County, St. Paul’s has a very long history!

After nearly 200 years and 26 Pastors, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is looking forward to another two centuries serving the local community of Eggertsville and beyond. 

It would take a whole other website to accurately document our entire history. For those over achievers out there in cyber space, we have two PDF Documents for you to read through below!

History of

St. Paul’s Lutheran

Parts 1 & 2

St. Paul’s Pastors Since 1827 –

Rev. Meyerhoffer 1827-1828

Rev. Keller 1828-1841

Rev. Schmidt 1841-1843

Rev. F. W. Bindemann 1843-1846

Rev. J. M. Forschner 1846-1849

Rev. C. Albert Ebert 1849-1852

Rev. Walther 1852-1853

Rev. T. Philip Conradi 1853-1858

Rev. William Schmidt 1858-1861

Rev. Gustav Bochert 1861-1865

Rev. Adolph Boettger 1865-1896

Rev. Ernst Burk 1897-1919

Rev. George Schettler 1920-1932


Rev. Gustave Huf 1932-1939

Rev. William Heil 1939-1941

Rev. George Martin 1941-1952

Rev. John L. Kinzel 1953-1967

* Rev. James Anderson 1966-1967 (Assistant Pastor)

Rev. Carl G. Olin, Jr. 1968-1996

*Rev. Carl Onofrio 1996-1997 (Intentional Interim Pastor)

Rev. Richard G. Krogmann 1997-2005

*Rev. Charles G. Biegner, Jr. 2005-2006 (Vacancy Pastor)

Rev. Dr. Daniel E. Hoffman 2006-2011

Rev. Steven Biegner, 2011- 4/2012 (Transitional Pastor until)

Pastor Alan Anderson 2012-2013 (Intentional Interim)

Rev. Steve Biegner. 9/2013 to present