flower ministry

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Want to brighten someone’s day and your own?

Helping Hands are needed!!

Every week, after worship, Altar Bouquets are delivered to members who are home-bound or in the hospital. The bouquets are delivered with a smile, a copy of the bulletin, and sometimes a few moments to chat. The people who do it describe it as “wonderfully rewarding” and “bringing joy to someone”. Marilyn Emerson coordinates this ministry, and would love for YOU to be a part of it. If you would like to be a part of this rewarding, joy-bringing group, please contact Marilyn at 839-2971

Flowers enhance the altar at our worship services. They are placed there in honor of special occasions or people and in memory of loved ones. Each week, the two bouquets of altar flowers are delivered to sick or shut-in members and those with special needs or concerns. In addition, may members order special flowers to commemorate special occasions.

Altar flowers can be ordered by filling out an Altar Flower envelope found in the pew or you may also fill out the bottom of the Attendance slip found as an insert in your bulletin. Of course you may always call the Church Office at 835-0407 as well.