Welcome to St. Paul’s 

We’re glad you’re here!

Join us in person, or via our Facebook Livestream!

*New Protocols Announcement - 12/30/21*

For everyone’s health and safety and in accordance with NY State mandates, St. Paul’s is mandating that masks be worn in the building at all times with social distancing. With Covid numbers continuing to climb and the Omicron variant spreading like wildfire, we are going to make a couple changes to the Sunday morning worship format. For the next few weeks, masks will be required for the whole time in the building, even when seated. Choir will be pausing as well and we will discontinue singing.

In-person worship is back!

Reservations are no longer needed for Sunday’s in-person worship service! Please remember, though, that masks are required for all. As far as social distancing and seating is concerned, you may sit together with your family but please social distance to be safe from others.

Want to be involved from home?

St. Paul’s has turned to technology to bring the word of God into your living room with WNY Church Unleashed! Sunday Worship will be televised so you can watch Pastor Steve at 10:00 am on MeTV (Channel 67 for Directv, Channel 5 for cable, Fios, and Dish Network, and also tuned on the Antenna to 67.1). We’ll also be livestreaming on Facebook as well!

Become a Missionary at St. Paul’s!

St. Paul’s welcomes ALL those who want to follow Jesus. We are empowering others with the gospel of Jesus Christ to make connections, enrich faith, nourish lives, and demonstrate God’s love in the world. It is our mission and we invite you to join us!

Please call the Office at St. Paul’s at 716-835-0407 if you have any questions or are interested in joining our mission at St. Paul’s.  OR….come to Worship service on Sunday Morning at 10 am or join us on our Facebook Live!  We would love to meet you!

Casual traditional worship style, but broken open, with more room for God’s presence and hope to be revealed and experienced.

Who is welcome? ALL are welcome! And we mean ALL - no matter what your size, shape, color, brand, politics, income, and sexual or gender identity! St. Paul’s is an inclusive and safe place no matter where you are at on the journey.

Dresscode? Anything from jeans to suits! It’s more important that you are there. You’ll see worship leaders dressed the same way. You might even see a robe or Buffalo Bills stole?

The experience? Our prayer is that you will experience God’s presence, love, teaching and inspiration for the rest of your week.


“Get one, give one”. For every meal purchased, we will donate one meal to hungry families in our community.


Founded in 2017, we are open to anyone in the 14226 zip code or by referral. Drop-offs and volunteers are always welcome!


Started in 2020, Fire Church’s goal is to give first responders in Erie County a place to gather together in a faith community.