January 22, 2020

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The image above looks so nice right? “You’re invited.” There’s butterflies and spinny things and fun looking graphics. Looks super nice. Like a five year old’s birthday party?

But what are you being invited into? What about “You’re invited….into an automatic car wash where the windows of the car are stuck open.” “You’re invited….into an entire class where the teacher scrapes her nails over the chalk board for 47 straight minutes.” “You’re invited….into a non-stop showing of televangelists mixed with infomercials mixed with inaccurate weather forecasts.” Those are the worst.

Or are they?

“You’re invited” usually mean that someone wants you at something that they deem as good. Fun. Easy. Relaxing. Playful. Peaceful.

Count me in! Where do I sign up? Put me in Coach!

And yet Jesus walks down the road, is identified as the Messiah of the world by John…the very Lord/Teacher/Savior/Lamb that everyone’s waiting on, and he INVITES a couple guys to come, follow him and join the journey….and they just jump in.

Wait what?

When we get “invited” to something, it’s supposed to be awesome. Like Chuckie Cheese without the screaming kids, infectious diseases and gang fights. Like Bills games without heart wrenching losses. Like taxes with only refunds and no payments. Like parties without having to bring a dish to pass.

Invited is supposed to equal “good/easy/fun/joy/peace,” right?

Except when it doesn’t. Except when it’s from Jesus. Except when it’s into a new type of life and relationship and following and decision-making-matrix and light-being and sacrifice-taking and epiphany-ing (made up word) and faith.

We are invited by Jesus into all that. We are invited, like the first couple guys, to be the next couple people to say Yes, to love More, to follow For Sure, to trust Unequivocally and to see where This goes.

I wish everyday of living into our faith life was like a five year old’s birthday party that we were all invited to with party games and cake and clowns no one was afraid of. But it’s not.

Faith. Following. Jesus. Invites us into REAL life. Real parties. Real traumas. Real transitions. Real ministries. Real crazy. Real life.

Our life.

But you/I were invited by the one that is already walking ahead of us. Already on scene. Already calling our names. Already showing us the way. Already giving his life for ours. That’s the Inviter. That’s the invitation.

May we all respond: yes.

Lord, thank for your invitation! Amen

Still in One Peace,