February 20, 2020

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I sort of missed the Transformers as a little kid. I still had Lincoln Logs and was the last kid on the block to get Atari. But we survived. Barely. I just really thought the Transformers were/are cool.

If you aren’t familiar with them, they are “more than meets the eye.” They are robots that change into vehicles and vehicles that change into robots. I guess they are from another planet and not from Detroit. But of course in every cartoon and movie, they always win and always save the world.

When they need to show people their power, they change (transfigure) into the right appearance so that they can battle evil and conquer!

Sort of like Jesus. He goes up to a mountain top, takes some of the disciples who want to just chill and relax with him and he changes (transfigures) to show them his power. God’s power. God’s eternal story. And then invites them back down the hill and into ministry. And in his transfiguration, he reminds them that he can win over evil, conquer the “bad guys” and carry the day.

He’s the original Transformer. He’s more than meets the eye. And he’s already saved the world.

As we approach Transfiguration Sunday, I hope you will remember that for your own life. You have a special superhero in your life, that’s not from Detroit, but instead from Bethlehem (a suburb of Detroit). And as you encounter your faith, Jesus, God’s story, remember that it’s actually always more than you think, more than you see, more than your normal, more than traditional church, more than the small minds we use and more than just a vehicle.

For your day today, God is more. God is transforming and transformative and transfiguring.

Still. Now.

Lord, thank you for being more than meets the eye. Amen

Still in One Peace,