May 13th, 2020

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How do you battle Coronavirus?  Some people choose to dance!

Robin Bishop, missionary at St. Paul’s, is the founder of Dancability in Buffalo, an individualized dance, fitness and movement program serving the special needs community.  After searching for better spaces to hold their classes, they recently moved into a wonderful facility in Depew.  Fabulous!  And then COVID-19 hit and spaces like hers had to close their doors.  

So what did she do?  Robin figured out a way to take her classes right into the homes of those who needed dance and interaction the most!

Earlier this week she sent me a video of the community dancing, before and now during these viral times.  She said: “Here’s what Dancability is all about.  Watch it and it’ll make you feel good.”  She wasn’t wrong!  I’m a terrible dancer and I still felt myself moving as I watched their ministry unfold.  

In John’s gospel Jesus says to his disciples: “I will not leave you orphaned.  I am coming to you.” And he did, sending the gift of the Holy Spirit to remind us we’re never alone.  

Thank you Robin for reminding these kids and adults that they aren’t alone and for bringing health, wholeness, love and joy right into their homes.  

Whose life can you touch today?  Who do you know that might feel alone, abandoned and isolated in these difficult times?  How can you reach out, listen to and dance with someone that might need to know they aren’t alone?

I want to encourage you to do a couple things:
1.  Watch this video.  You will smile!  CLICK HERE
2.  If you are able, join me in financially supporting Robin’s mission.  A business like this is hard enough to keep going when everything is running well.  So these times are extra challenging.  You can CLICK HERE to donate.

Keep the faith my friends!  Keep praying for our frontline and essential workers.  Keep supporting those who are bringing joy right into people’s homes to battle isolation.  And keep searching and listening for the ways you can impact the world with God’s love as well.

And keep dancing!

Lord, help us dance even in the toughest times.  Amen

Still in One Peace,