June 3rd, 2020

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What’s your statement?  Your mission statement you might say.  With all that is going on in our culture right now, what statement does God need you to make?

It’s a fairly profound question to ask yourself seriously.  Last night, we started to do just that.  I met in our Zoom discussion with folks from St. Paul’s.

The topic of “how are you doing” quickly turned to what can we do as individuals and the church to speak to the injustice and pain happening around us?  And we remembered that, despite not being able to gather inside our church right now, we do still have space in a prominent location on Main St to be able to make a statement to the community about God’s love, grace and hope.  

So we are all praying about the next “statements” that we need to make using our church property.  At the end of Matthew’s gospel, Jesus sends the disciples and the church to: Go, make a statement by baptizing, teaching, leading and pointing to God, remembering the Holy Spirit will be with us as we do it.  It’s called the Great Commission.  So, how do we point to God right now?

I would ask you to join in the discernment and contemplation.  Maybe your statement is firmly planted and rooted already and that is awesome.  Or maybe you’re just beginning to think about it.  If you are, join with others trying to figure out what we can do to bring healing and hope to all who are hurting, victims of racism/abuse and a system that is inherently broken right now.  We’re meeting again next Tuesday (St. Paul’s), Wednesday (Parkside) and Thursday (Zion).  Join us.  Zoom links will go out again on Monday for all those gatherings.

But until then, keep asking: what is the statement that God needs you to make to live into the Great Commission?  Where are you being sent to?  And how can you help point toward God?Lord, help me hear clearly the statement you need me to make.  Amen

Still in One Peace,