June 10th, 2020

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St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  That’s a group of about 3.something million Christians around the country.  Like most other church bodies, we are broken into geographical areas that we call Synods, ours being the Upstate NY Synod.  Each Synod’s leader is a Bishop, elected by representatives every few years.  

But every six years, those Synod’s come together to elect a national Bishop to lead the entire group.  The ELCA’s current Bishop is Rev. Elizabeth Eaton.  Bishop Eaton offered to share a sermon for this past weekend’s Holy Trinity Sunday worship so that pastors could have the week off from having to prepare a sermon.  

However, the timing didn’t work for our worship service because we record the service earlier in the week.  So I’m offering it to you here so you can hear her thoughts on the Scriptures and current movements in the culture.  Click HERE to view the YouTube link.

As the whole church continues to search for the new ways that God is calling us into the world, please continue to search as part of St. Paul’s or whatever church you belong to.  Join us this Sunday at the Zoom Coffee 1/2 Hour to welcome the New Missionaries at St. Paul’s that are joining this weekend.

Still in One Peace,