September 16th, 2020

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ps from ps… When I was a kid, I hated it when it seemed that my sisters had less chores than I did.  Not only that, it also seemed that I started doing mine when I was a lot younger than they were!  Didn’t seem “fair.”

We’re big fans “fair.”  We want it in our jobs, our relationships, our friendships, our rules and laws and even in our calls during football games.  “Fair is fair,” right?

Jesus tells a parable in Matthew 20 about some workers that started their days in the field at different times.  Then when the day was done, they all got paid the same thing.  “It’s not fair” the listeners said.  “It’s not fair” the early workers said.  But Jesus response then, now and in the future, shows us a different lens that God works through: grace.  Grace is God’s undeserved love and favor.  And that’s what Jesus hands out at the “end of the day” to everyone!

We were filming TV Church yesterday and Pastor Julius Carroll used the phrase “God of reversals” to start each of the prayer petitions he shared.  He used that phrase because Jesus mentioned to the listening crowd – the last shall be first and the first shall be last.  A God of reversals.  Turning things upside down and around backwards from the way we think things should play out.  

And it isn’t an isolated incident.

Upon hearing Jesus was going to the cross, Peter said: “Don’t do it.”  Jesus the Reverser said, “Follow me Peter.  I’m giving my life for all.  Grace for all.” 

Upon seeing the outcasts, widows and sick, the Church Leaders said: “Don’t do it.”  Jesus the Reverser said, “Follow me Church and stand with all those who have been cast out.”

Upon seeing the hungry, the Disciples said: “Don’t do it.”  Jesus the Reverser said, “Don’t send them away.  We will feed them all.”

Upon seeing us, the mess that we many times can be, the ones always wanting our version of fair, the ones who complain we started our chores earlier or younger than them, Jesus the Reverser pours out grace and love on us and for us anyways.

God the Reverser, help me to go into this day and see the world, the chores, the relationships, the outcast as you see each of us, with Eyes of Reversal, with actions and words and presence of your grace.  Amen

Still in One Peace,