September 23rd, 2020

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ps from ps… Sometimes you need to turn around.  It might just be that simple, even when the darkness blocks it out.

My good friend and photographer for Fire Church, Chief Billy Major, sent me this shot of some railroad tracks he encountered while recently out on a hike.  You look one direction – and night has fallen, darkness seems to have won out and following those tracks seem intimidating and even scary.

But then he told me that he did something interesting – and actually easy – he turned the other direction – 180 degrees.  And he saw this –

Same tracks.  Same journey.  Just from a different direction and different take on the journey.  

I can’t possibly list all the instances in life and faith when this becomes a crucial pivot to make.  Time after time in Scripture, Jesus turns, invites others to turn, invites others to re-turn, pivots the rules, laws and expectations, shifts people’s focus from lack of light/hope/direction/fears to now hope/peace/beauty/potential.

Maybe you are standing on some tracks today?  Dealing with issues of direction, trauma, memories, hopelessness or what’s next?

I invite you to pivot.  To turn.  To re-turn.  Into a place of light, beauty and potential.  The tracks will hold you.  Those on the journey with you will support you.  And the Lord will go with you.

Lord, help me to turn.  Turn into your beauty.  And to know you will stay on the track with me.  Amen

Still in One Peace,