October 21st, 2020

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ps from ps… Change.  Some people thrive on it.  Some people dread it.  And yet as we approach the celebration of the first Reformation, it’s all about change.

Continue.  Usually for the people that love change, continuing is challenging.  But for those that dread change, continuing can bring comfort.   And yet as we approach the celebration of the first Reformation, it’s all about continuing.  The assigned text is from John 8 where Jesus says: “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples.”  

So which word more clearly reflects the spirit of celebrating the Reformation this coming Sunday?

Maybe both.  

When I do make the effort to look up words in the dictionary, I’m often drawn to the second definition.  It’s usually there that I find a deeper, challenging, meaning for the word.  The second definition for continuing is: recommence or resume after interruption.  Recommence.  Resume.  AFTER an interruption.

And what does that interruption call us to do?  Maybe change?  Inspect?  Evaluate?  Reflect?  

Have you been interrupted recently?  Like maybe with a pandemic?  Or political divisions?  Or a health crisis?  Or a loss of someone close/loved?  Or a shift in job responsibilities?  Or plans being thrown off?

And through any or all of those things, has your faith life been interrupted recently then too?  

I believe one of Martin Luther’s purposes in posting those original 95 thoughts on needed changes in the Church was to interrupt it, invite the Church into reflection, evaluation and inspection so that it could recommence and resume in God’s word, and more truly be Jesus’ disciples.

That interruption set off the entire Protestant Reformation!  Change and Continuing all mixed together.

What are the interruptions in your life right now?  Has something been posted on your door?  Is it God calling each of us into a period of change so that we can continue?  

As we move into this reformational time, may what happen over 500 years ago happen for you today.  May the gift of reflection, evaluation and inspection in our own lives BLESS US to be able to continue, to recommence and resume living into the discipleship to which we are all called.

Lord, help me to change and continue.  Amen

Still in One Peace,