October 28th, 2020

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ps from ps… Here’s one thing I’ve learned about 2020 – it’s been a rough year.  And even though in a few weeks we will flip the calendar to 2021, my guess is that some of the “rough” will overlap into the new year.  Some have asked “can’t we just unplug 2020, count to 20, plug it back in and it will reboot correctly?”  Despite that magically working with our computers and TV’s, there’s not much of a chance it works with the mess that has been/is 2020.

With that said, it’s even more important that we have a way/place/space/plan to make sure we are finding those moments of “peace like a river.”

As we approach All Saints Sunday this weekend, I’ve been reminded of so many of you that lost someone important/close to you in this past year.  On paper or from our ears as they are read, it looks and sounds like name after name.  But it’s actually story after story, love after love, memory after memory.  It’s a sacred and important time to remember.  And a time to dwell in that peace like a river.

As we do that remembering and as we move through these pandemic times, darker days and shift to more indoor moments with less interactions again, find your peace like a river.  Jesus said in John’s gospel: “My peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you; I do not give as the world gives, so do not let your hearts be troubled and do not let them be afraid.”  

Here’s what that tells us: We have been given God’s peace!  It’s here, right around us.  It’s unlike the crazy ways of the world.  So, we don’t have to let fear, grief, anxiety and trouble overwhelm us.

It doesn’t mean we won’t face difficult moments that bring on that range of emotions.  But it does invite us to let a river of peace wash them away.  So find your peace like a river that reconnects you to that promise for you from God.  

One of my places I go to is music.  Recently, I just listen to songs like this one, “It is well.”  You are welcome to listen to it HERE.  I think I’ve shared it before, but I return to it time after time.  If you are struggling to find that peace like a river, please reach out.  Check in with me, a loved one, a counselor or a trusted friend.  You are not alone!

Together, we will move through whatever this world brings and paddle down that river of peace.

Lord, bring me to the shores of that river.  Amen

Still in One Peace,