November 4th, 2020

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ps from ps…
Well… we go!  Looks like we’re in for a few days of Messy.  Many people predicted this was coming and now we enter into a few days of wandering and wondering post-election.

So this morning, I just want to offer you some suggestions for the next couple days.  Some come from a Jesus perspective and some from a mental health perspective.  Most are a mix.

1.  Set your intentions for the day.  Take control of what you want to do and who you want to be today.    Live into God’s calling and commission for you today and don’t let the things of the world distract you from that.

2.  Be kind to yourself today.  Practice self-care.  Let those baptismal waters wash over you today and be the reminder that you are a child of God first and foremost.

3.  Be kind to others.  Someone said to me yesterday: “I don’t care who you voted for; I care how you treat the person that voted differently from you.”  Or as Jesus was known to say: Love God, love your neighbor.

4.  Find your win today.  Times like this get us focused on the “loses” of life.  So finding, naming and making space for a “win” today is important.  A walk outside on a beautiful day.  A call to trusted friend.  A random act of kindness you can perform.  Every Bills fan knows even after 4 or 5 losses in a row, when we get a big win (like how we crushed the Patriots this past Sunday), you feel like you are Super Bowl caliber all over again.  So find your win.

5.  Remember the whole story.  When the two disciples walked away from the Good Friday cross and wandered their way to Emmaus, Jesus showed up next to them to walk along side.  When they shared their grief and confusion, he just told them the whole story of God again.  A story where God has a plan for goodness and love and hope.  (For quick review, if you read the whole Bible from cover to cover today, you’ll also hear this story)

6.  Shut the TV off for awhile.  You didn’t catch Jesus watching a lot of TV during these types of times, did you?  Social media, TV, radio, etc can all continuously wear on us.  Suddenly before we know it, we own that frustration and it seeps into us and we kick the cat or something.  Don’t kick the cat.  Instead, give yourself a break from the news cycle.  (Refer to point #2 for more details)

7.  And lastly, remember you’re not alone!  This is what church does….we struggle through the tough parts of life together.  

Keep the faith.  Pray for our country and leaders.  God’s got this.

Still in One Peace,