November 12th, 2020

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And the colors are changing again.  And I don’t mean the leaves on the trees.

Erie County in NY has moved to “yellow” on the way to “orange” and unfortunately “red” as we look to continue battling the spread of Covid-19.  We like these colors when we drive around to look at the leaves or rake them on the ground, but not necessarily in our health plan.  And so we will be asked to scale back, scale down and go to battle again against this spread, probably until a vaccine is ready to roll.

And yet, God’s abundance hasn’t stopped pouring over us for one minute!

Our gospel lesson coming up this weekend is a story from Matthew that you can read here.  It’s about a master that shared talents with his slaves and then went on a journey.  Long story short, when he arrives back he praises the slaves that invested the talents and produced more of them.  He tells the slave that didn’t do anything with them that he missed the point.

Now I don’t think this is Jesus’ story about how we can make big bucks or that we should put all our resources in the stock market.  I think it’s a reminder that God is a god of abundance, pouring out blessings for us to live into.  The those blessings will continue to flow.  Continue to overflow.  Continue to be given to us.  Continue to increase when we share and invest them into the world.

So what does this mean as the “colors” change?  As we pull back again, it will be very easy to, like the slave that missed the point, stop investing those blessings.  But our God of Abundance still says invest away.  Share your blessings and more will come.  Share your time, talents and treasure.  Share your love, grace and forgiveness.  Share your energy, gifts and passions.  

Will it be easy?  Probably not.  Our normal patterns of sharing are about to be disrupted again.  But just like we emphasize that Covid doesn’t “close” churches, Covid doesn’t get to close God’s blessings and our chances to share them.  In fact, with a little thought, prayer and creativity, there are probably more ways to invest now than ever before.

So invest your talents in new and creative ways.  God’s promise is to surround us with abundance of love and grace as we do.

Lord, keep us healthy and help in these colorful times to invest the blessings you give us.  Amen

Still in One Peace,