November 18th, 2020

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God has work.  We have hands.  And legs.  And presence.  And hearts.  And talents.

So let’s use them!  

And the Bible is full of stories of these intersection of work and hands.  God inspiring, asking and sending regular ol’ folk to do the incredible work of building the kingdom of God here on earth.  

We refer to them as “call stories.”  These are the stories when the disciples, Jeremiah, Paul, Stephen, Moses…..and the list goes on and on…are “called” by God to do something.  Something specific that uses the gifts of said person.  Something specific that uses said person’s gifts and talents to do something specific in the world: lead people to the promised land, bring a certain message to people who have become distracted, start churches all over the world, etc.  

Now those are some pretty big tasks for sure.  But sometimes the call is much more basic: to stand with the outcast, to share your wealth, to feed hungry people, to change your patterns of how you recognize God.  (These are just a few “calls” Jesus puts out there in about two chapters of one gospel…so there’s lots more there!)

This weekend in worship, Pastor Jeremiah, Pastor Julius and I will share a bit of our own call stories.  None of us were asked to do anything too overwhelming.  But all of us were asked to do some of those things that Jesus spoke of.

And when I say “all of us,” I don’t just mean three pastors.  I mean ALL OF US.

That call comes to all of us through our baptisms, through our relationships with our churches, and through our service in the community.  God continues to say to us: “Hey you!  I’ve got some work.  You got some hands?”

What work does God have in store for you today?  A fire/ems call?  Outreach to an elderly person?  Sharing food with the pantry?  Calling to check on someone grieving?  And in each of these cases, someone reading this has the right hands to use.

May we all hear today’s call and have hands ready to go.

Lord, you got work?  Call me to use my hands.  Amen

Still in One Peace,