January 20th, 2021

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“As Jesus passed along the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew castings their nets into the sea…” – Mark’s gospel.

When I’m down at our mission in Haiti on the island of Ile a Vache, I LOVE watching the fisherman fish.  It’s old school – still using nets like the one in the picture, like the ones that Simon and Andrew were casting.  It’s about as Bibley an illustration I ever see.  

As I’ve gotten to know them, and the culture of fishermen, it’s been wonderful to learn about how and why they are fishing – simply to eat, feed their family, extended family and sometimes their neighbors.  And only when the fishing is good (calm seas) will they grab a few extra to trade at the market for other needed goods.  

You don’t see fishermen overstocking, storing up or getting more fish than they need.  And you don’t see them fishing just for themselves.  They are always on the water for the greater good of their family and neighbors.

Jesus called out to the brothers who were fishing: “Fellas, leave your nets, follow me and I will make you fish for people.”

Fishing for people.  Not showing them how to get more fish or develop faster fishing techniques.  He invites them to use their skills to bless other people.

As I listened to Pastor Julius’ sermon for this coming weekend, he uses the phrase: “leaving your self-centered nets behind.”  Self-centered nets.  Or if you say it really fast – self-centeredness.  I would suggest the two phrases are very similar.  Is Jesus inviting us all to follow him and leave our self-centered nets…or our self-centeredness behind?

If we’re only fishing for ourselves, what good are we to the world?  If our nets are only self-centered, or our ness is only self-centered, how could we possibly follow this call to follow One who is always about the other.

Come.  Follow me.  Fish for people.  Leaving our self-centered nets behind.  

What does that call mean for me today?  For you?  

As I watch our Country bring in new leadership, what does it mean for our new Administration, our policies, our stimulus, our borders, our partnerships, our use of land and our National “fishing?”

What does it mean for our daily work?  Our decisions as individual families?  Our mission as a church?

What does it mean for my conversations with those I love and those that drive me up a wall?  My spending?  My time?  My prayer?

Come.  Follow me.  Fish for people.  Leaving our self-centered nets behind.

Somewhere in Haiti right now, there is probably someone in his boat fishing and trying to provide for his family and neighbors.  Somewhere in WNY and wherever you are reading this, there is someone doing your version of fishing now too.

Listen to that Voice calling out from the shore inviting you in all/whatever you are doing today to leave your self-centered nets behind, as best we can, and “fish” for the world around you.

Lord, in all we do as individuals and a country, please help us leave our self-centered nets behind. Amen

Still in One Peace,

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