January 27th, 2021

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ps from ps…
So much healing going on right now!  Today, every other news story is about healing from Covid and getting the vaccine out to everyone, especially those most at risk.  Physically healing (and proactive healing through the vaccine) is on everyone’s mind right now.  And in the gospel stories, it was on Jesus’ mind too!

Physical healing, yes.  He made the blind see.  Stood up the bent over.  Fed the hungry.

But in the gospel story coming up this weekend, he drives a demon out of a person at church and brings healing to them.  I would suggest MORE than physical, but actually emotional, mental health and holistic healing.

So what/who is this demon really?  In the reading, about the only thing we know about the demon is that it speaks to Jesus.  “What do you want with us Jesus?  Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are – the Holy One of God.” it says.  What does Jesus say?  “Be still, and come out of him.”

Boom!  Mic drop!  Healed!  There was no mention of anything physical, but Jesus could still bring a bigger healing.  Living life without these demons weighing this person down.

I think healing is waaaay bigger than just vaccines.  And I think demons are waaaay more extensive than the weird looking ones we’ve seen in the movies.  And I think Jesus would agree.

One of the most challenging things to do on our faith journey is to do the inner work of looking at our own demons.  It’s not the most pleasant and fun thing to do, so most times we avoid it.  But our demons speak.  They speak out in the ways we know about and ways we don’t even realize.  They speak out in our racism, our anger, our abuse (of ourselves and others), our prejudice, our actions and lack of them.  They speak out in our lack of compassion and sharing of blessings.  They speak out in our “thoughts, words and deeds,” like we say in our Confession in church sometimes.  

What are your demons?  How do you hear them speaking?  How do others?

Whatever they are and wherever they present, I love that Jesus speaks to them today and has power over them.  It’s right there and THEY know it!  And they’re afraid of his power.  So sometimes, they try to block that power out.  Sometimes that turn us away that healing and hope and forgiveness and grace and love and compassion that are RIGHT THERE for us.  Oh course they would, right?!  We would our demons let us walk toward something that could conquer them?  Because Jesus is ready to say it again for us.  It’s what I am honored to announce at the conclusion of our Confession time….your sins are washed away…you are made clean…be still…it has come out of you!

If you’re struggling on this journey of looking at the demons in your own life, please reach out to me or another spiritual or mental health professional.  There is help doing this and it’s hard to do alone.  But as you do it and take that risk, healing will come.  The Voice of Stillness ordering it out will become a little louder and the burden of carrying it will get a little lighter.  

Healing.  Physical, emotional and spiritual healing is what God wants for you.

Lord, thank you for driving our demons out.  Amen

Still in One Peace,