February 24th, 2021

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ps from ps… Jesus shared the “plan” with the disciples that he’d be betrayed, handed over and killed.  And Peter was not a fan.  He pulled Jesus aside and said: “Dude, let’s not do that!  That’s crazy talk!  There’s got to be another way.” – Mark 8, Biegner Translation
There’s got to be another way.  If I’ve said that to God once, I’ve said it a million times.   My plan.  My timing.  Less struggle.  More glory.  Less pain.  More easy street.

Occasionally I pull God over, pull God aside and explain to the Creator of the Universe and US Postal System and the rover that just landed on Mars and the plastic thing at the end of your shoelace that keeps the lace from unraveling, I’ve got a better idea.

I deserve to be put in timeout for the number of times I’ve done this.

What’s incredible about Jesus’ response to Peter’s selfishness (and mine) is this: he invites him to come even closer.  He doesn’t push him away.  Jesus replies: “Get behind me Satan.”  The words really can be translated  “follow me.”  Watch me.  Emulate me.  Learn from me.  Take notes and watch what God’s up to!  He even invites him to drop that selfishness/poor thinking/evil dwelling action and instead – pick up his cross.  Pick up his sacrifice, instead of his selfishness.

Today my friend, you and I play the role of Peter.  Probably still sharing words similar to his at times.  Probably still trying to pull Jesus aside.  And yet, Jesus continue to pull us closer.  Nearer.  To watch.  Learn.  Listen.  And have an opportunity to drop some of the stuff that’s getting in the way, only to pick up God sacrificial love in its place.

May your Lenten time of Restoration, bring you closer to Jesus to watch, learn, listen to and follow that incredible grace. 

Lord, help me listen.  Help me follow.  Amen

Still in One Peace,