March 10th, 2021

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ps from ps… Dorothy Menth.  An important name today.

Many of you reading this have no idea who Dorothy is.  You won’t read about her in a history book.  You can’t Google her and she can’t pull up Google because she doesn’t own a computer and wants nothing to do with the internet.  She is a gem and loved by many, many people!

Dorothy is a long time missionary at St. Paul’s Lutheran and now lives at Amberleigh Senior Living Center.  And today, I am going to visit with her and take her Communion.  And she will be my first home visit to share Communion in almost exactly one year.  One.  Year.  

I never thought I’d go one year in between home Communion visits but I also never anticipated a global pandemic shutting normal life down.  Just never imagined it possible.   But now we are starting to make progress moving forward and creating a new normal to live into.  

As we cross the various shapes and sizes and styles of this “one year” threshold, I just want to invite you into some time of reflection, meditation and prayer.  (If you’re in WNY, I invite you to do it while getting out on a beautiful day for a run or walk while contemplating because it’s beautiful and this is the last day of Biegner Winter!)

So many things have happened and changed in this past year.  My seminary Professor Tony Everett invited us to be constantly asking, “WIGIAT – Where Is God In All This?”  So I ask you the same thing today and invite you to spend some time in that question.

Where was/is God in all this past year?  Where were you blessed despite all the changes?  Where were you carried by faith in the hardest of times?  Where did God’s promise of Easter become reality for you?  Where did that promise pull you through the Good Fridays?

One year.  For me, it’s framed by the last First Communion training I did for our youth at church and the Communion I’ll share with Dorothy today.  Those are good bookends.  That’s just one of the places God has been.

Where has God been for and with you?

Lord, for your presence in my life over the past difficult year, I give you thanks.  Amen

Still in One Peace,