March 17th, 2021

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ps from ps… This is my friend and colleague Lee Miller (pictured above).  When he’s not being the lead pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran or Dean of a group of Lutheran churches or a husband or dad, he’s running.  Running with a purpose.  Running for self-care.  

Now some would say, myself included, that he looks a lot like Forrest Gump when he does….

but that is not his intent either.  His intent is simply to make sure that there is enough time in the day for self-care, prayer and reflection.

He started at the beginning of the pandemic and just kept it going everyday.  Here’s what he said yesterday as his streak went to 365 straight days.

“One year ago I began this running streak committing myself to 30 minutes of #selfcare each day of the pandemic and inviting you to #loveyourself with a little bit of daily exercise, too. Remember when we only thought this would last a few weeks? 365 days later I’m still running. I’ve gone through three pairs of shoes and have run the same day as a colonoscopy and a root canal (not the same day.) I hope you can take time to care for yourself as we continue to take time to #loveoneanother. I acknowledge that I run with privilege and so on my runs I remember #ahmaudarbery and many more. Let’s keep on #runningtherace until we can all be together again. What’s your preferred form of self-care?”

Wow.  One full year of running everyday.  One full year of self-care.  One full year of giving himself time for reflection and centering each day.

As we move through Lent, I invite you to start or restart that self-care for yourself….that reflection, meditation, centering and prayer time for yourself.  Your Self!  You deserve that time to bless and re-bless what God has created!  Walking.  Running.  Counting steps.  Movement.  Yoga.  Silence.  Sitting with your coffee.  Reading.  Whatever it might be, take it for you and for your time to reconnect with God.  (I do highly encourage you to merge your meditation/prayer with your movement, if you haven’t already, to be able to bless your body, mind and soul all at once.)

So today, whether it’s Day 1 or Day 366, run, you, run!  (Catch the Forrest Gump reference there?)  Whatever it is, take the time for your Self.

Lord, thanks for blessing my Self.  Help me stay connected to it and you!  Amen

Still in One Peace,