March 24th, 2021

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ps from ps… How many thresholds have you already walked through today?  Doors?  Transitions?  I bet more than you think!  And I bet you barely noticed.

I mean think of your morning.  Mine went like this: bedroom to bathroom to bedroom to hallway to stairs to dining room to kitchen to coffee pot.  Eight thresholds before I even got my first cup of coffee.  This clearly explains why I didn’t most of them!

Door, thresholds and transitions take us from one thing to the other, one place to the other, one room to the other.  From home to car to work to lunch to work again to car to home to dinner to random sporting event on tv and back to bed again.  Some days we blitz through them so fast, we barely notice a thing.  Think through your day already today…how many did you walk through?

The door that we walk through this coming weekend is the threshold and transition between Lent and Holy Week.  And Jesus DOES NOT want those who were there the first time, and those that are going through it this time, to miss it.  He’s been going toward the cross since he came through the door in the stable into a manger.  However, many on that first Palm Sunday are just noticing the threshold themselves.  

“Get the donkey so they notice.”  Cue the Palms!!  Make it obvious!!  But even when they noticed, they didn’t fully understand the threshold they were in.  “Hosanna.  Hosanna!”  But that’s not what Jesus was there to do.  

Jesus knew the door through which he was walking.  And he knew the threshold it would allow to open for us.

Did you notice THAT doorway today?  As we move toward Palm Sunday again, will you realize the depth of what this transition holds?

Notice the doorways today.  The ones you’ve been through, the ones you’re about to enter and, of course, the one Jesus opened for us all.

Lord, thanks for the important door being open for us all.  Help me notice!  Amen

Still in One Peace,