April 14th, 2021

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ps from ps….A few weeks ago, I wrote about nicknames.  Specifically, some that were given to Jesus.  Savior, prophet, messiah, teacher, etc.

But today I wonder about our nicknames again because of an interaction that happened after Easter in a locked up house with the disciples.  The disciples were gathered up.  Jesus shows up on scene.  But Thomas was missing.  So after they tell him what happened, Thomas says: I really need to see this to believe it.

And BOOM: Nickname cometh!  From this moment henceforth you shall be deemed – Doubting Thomas!!

And that’s how we’ve referred to this poor guy for generations.  

One wrong move.  One slip up.  One honest comment about the struggle of faith.  One bad take while a guy is mired in grief.  And now his nickname is Doubting Thomas.

Be careful what you say today!  You might have a new name forever!

I was just talking to some friends about nicknames.  The wife of a classmate of mine is hiking the Appalachian Trail as I type (she’s at mile 200 of 2010 or something crazy like that).  But she’s a fast hiker.  Both fast pace and larger number of miles.  So the nickname she received on the trail: Roadrunner.  

When you reflect on the disciples that Jesus called to follow and then sent out to begin the movement, what other types of nicknames would they receive on their trail?  Doubter, Thief, Selfish One, Betrayer, Rule Follower.  And still Jesus called them and loved them!

What nickname will you receive today on your trail?

I hope that you give yourself a little break today on the hike.  I hope that you show yourself a little grace today.  I hope that when you reflect on the Biblical story, you’ll see your own imperfect and yet loved/called face in that scriptural mirror.  I hope that you know that the nicknames can’t define and override who you really are.  I hope you’ll remember that you aren’t who you are at your worst moment.  I hope that you remember that your original nickname is Child of God.  And that each week we gather in worship you should hear your current name of Forgiven – Loved – Graced.

Lord, help me to define myself by the name you give me.  Amen
 Still in One Peace