May 5th, 2021

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ps from ps… What does it look like to “abide?”  I imagine it looks a lot like Billy on my bed every morning.  After sleeping from 10pm-7am, he awaits us letting him out, making him breakfast (read: pouring food in a bowl) and heading off to work so he can return to my bed and sink into the comfort, quiet and warm embrace of the most expensive dog’s bed known to man.

Maybe that’s what abiding looks like?  Maybe that’s what Jesus is inviting us into?

Two weeks in a row in church life we hear Jesus’ invitation to “abide in him.”  It’s a simple invitation, which also includes a lot of pronoun confusion of “I in him and him in me and you in us and one for all and all for one” or something like that.  Don’t get confused and lost in that though.  It’s actually a pretty simple invitation.  

Abide – I love the third definition of the word – “continue without fading or being lost.”  That’s a pretty great invitation right?  Not only from a comfy bed for a dog like Bill, but from a Savior for a missionary like you!  From a rabbi/teacher for a student like you!  From a guide for a journeyer like you!  From a healer for one in need of healing like you!  From a Shepherd for a sheep like you!  

We’ve all felt “lost” at some point.  We’ve all felt like faith has “faded” at another point.  And maybe you’re at one of these points right now?  

Well if you are, there’s an invitation that maybe we need to hear two…or three…or four weeks in a row.  It comes from the warm, quiet embrace of Jesus today.  “Abide in me.”  

It’s an invitation of grace, compassion and welcome for someone just like you!

Lord, thank you for your invitation to abide.  Amen

Still in One Peace,

“PS from PS” update:  Written devotions will be a bit sporadic through May.  May will be some creative time for a new offering: Digital Audio Guided Devotions.  These audio guided dofferings, created by PS and engineered by Andrew Gruszka, St. Paul’s new Director of Digital Ministry, are designed to be used on 30 minute walks or runs over the summer.  As you “abide” this summer, Steve wants to invite you to be more and more active and allow your faith journey and devotional time to sync up with your activity time.  So, we’ll test run several by the end of May and send you links to try them out.