May 26th, 2021

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ps from ps… Ever been through a power failure?  They are fun and exhilarating…until they aren’t.  
In all the storm induced power failures I’ve been a part of, I really prefer the short ones that happen in the summer.  Like 24 hours is perfect.  Just enough time to get creative with cooking and lighting and not lose everything in your freezer and refrigerator.  It’s the ones that last 4-7 days at 35 degrees outside that test your patience and nerves, along with tempting you to look around at your family and start to ponder who you will eat first if you run out of food.  (Not that this has ever happened…much)
When the power doesn’t work though, you have to have a secondary source.  Like generators.  Or solar.  Or candles.  Or propane stove.  You need to switch over, especially when things are extra challenging.
And this is what Paul was telling the church in Rome.  You can no longer operate by the flesh (human thinking, self-ish thoughts), but instead live in the spirit (God-centered thoughts and movements).  In other words, he was telling them to switch power sources, especially when things got tough and decisions became harder and circumstances were more demanding.  Be God-centered and not human-motivated.
When it’s easy, it’s easy right?  When the normal power is flowing and we’re not pressed, we’re at our best…hopefully.  But when things are more demanding (read: needing to forgive one another, battling prejudice thoughts or actions, welcoming those who are different than us, reaching out to the family member whose lifestyle we don’t agree with, sharing our blessings with those that aren’t as fortunate, etc), we need to switch power sources.  
And the beautiful thing is, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, God invites us to do just that.  Living as God’s missionary in the world becomes a perpetual process of switching over.  Time and time again.
What situation in your life today is calling for that power source change?
I hope you have a beautiful transition into summer.  I hope on many levels you don’t lose your power…kinda.  However, I hope you do switch your power source from flesh to spirit in any and all circumstances.  
God gives us the opportunity and Paul invites us into it!  May our summer be powered by this Source.

Lord, be my power source this summer.  Amen

Still in One Peace,

“PS from PS” update:  Written devotions will be a bit sporadic through May.  May will be some creative time for a new offering: Digital Audio Guided Devotions.  These audio guided dofferings, created by PS and engineered by Andrew Gruszka, St. Paul’s new Director of Digital Ministry, are designed to be used on 30 minute walks or runs over the summer.  As you “abide” this summer, Steve wants to invite you to be more and more active and allow your faith journey and devotional time to sync up with your activity time.  So, we’ll test run several by the end of May and send you links to try them out.