September 9th, 2021

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Well you had to know that my first written Devo’s back in the fall would have some sort of tie in to the soon to be Super Bowl Champion Buffalo Bills.

If you didn’t, let me introduce myself: I’m Steve Biegner, Bills fans.  Been one for life.  Fairly passionate about this team and region.  Was thrilled to restart going to games when I returned to the city in 2002, after taking a brief nine year break while living in other parts of the country (SC, NC, Adirondacks…known as distant suburbs of Buffalo).

My sister Chris has been in a tough spot though.  After college, she went right from Buffalo to Boston and has lived there for a whole pile of years.  Boston is the home of the dreaded New England Patriots.  Whom I passionately dislike.  A lot.  The Bills and Patriots play one another twice a year.  And on those two Sundays, my sister has a choice to make.  

For whom do I root?

Now she tells me on the phone that it’s clearly for the Bills.  HOWEVER, on at least one occasion I was blown away to find that under her Bills jersey…..should would wear a Patriots shirt.  Incredible.  Hurtful.  Sinful.  (OK, some may disagree with me on one out of the last three words.)

Was she all in or not?  

Just a few years before the Bills/Patriots rivalry began, Jesus said to his disciples: “Those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake and for the sake of the gospel, will save it!” (Matthew 8:27-38)

Were they all in or not?

He invited them to “Follow me.”  Get behind me and learn from me.  Watch what I do.  See where I go.  Experience what I conquer through giving my life for you.  

Were they all-in on that?  Or did they have their “Amen Jesus” jersey on top and a “I’m not so sure of this” t-shirt underneath?

Do I?  Do you?

If I’m honest with you, I’ve worn the “two shirts” more than I care to admit.  I have a cross around my neck, and then have acted life a jerk to my family.  I’m holding the “Jesus is #1” foam finger, and then not sharing my financial resources enough.  I’m preaching on Sundays about welcoming the stranger, and then not preparing the church enough on Monday-Saturday to potentially help Afghan refuges coming into 716.  

How many shirts am I wearing??

And yet the grace-filled, forgiving Savior continues to say to me: “Follow me Steve.”  I’ve been invited to follow this all-in Savior.  And I’ve been invited to an all-in lifestyle.  And that type of “all-in-ness” doesn’t match the way our culture normally does stuff now.   So it’s hard.  But it is possible. 

So let me invite you to take some time of reflection this week asking yourself: am I wearing multiple shirts?  Am I ready to bail at a moment’s notice?  Where is faith easy and am I ready when it’s hard?  And do I fully realize how “all-in” Jesus was for me?  This might be hard.  But it’s possible.

Lord, thank you for the invitation.  Help me fully live into it.  Amen

2 PPS’s from PS

9/11 – My guess is that you will see an increased amount of media this week on the coverage of 9/11/2001.  Please be smart and know what is healthy for you and what level will bring up challenging emotions.  Surround yourself with love this week.  Remember with me the 343 and the thousands of others that died and their families that were changed forever.  And shut media off if it’s too much!