September 15th, 2021

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Well, What Would Jesus UnDo?  Probably more than we think!

At St. Paul’s and through WNY Church Unleashed in the month of September, we’ve been reflecting on the idea that Jesus doesn’t want us to just “add” things to our lives.  Jesus also gives clear directives that we’re supposed to “undo” some things as well.

In the past couple weeks, he’s spoke pretty clearly about undoing stigmas, stereotypes and faint hearted discipleship.  And now we’ll hear this weekend that he wants us to undo the world’s understanding of greatness.  

See in Mark’s gospel (chapter 9), just after telling the disciples that he’s going to give his life for the sake of the world, they start arguing among themselves about who is the greatest.  I just read a professor say that “Jesus’ disciples are so dense the light actually bends around them.”  Yeah, they don’t get it sometimes.   And if we’re honest, neither do we.

So he grabs a child and puts that child in the highest point of honor.  One to be welcomed.  

When one of our important friends come over to our homes, we clean up, buy food, throw a party and make sure everything is solid.  But if the kids are having one of their friends over, nothing really changes and maybe we break out some frozen pizza bites.  But that’s not the way Jesus wants it.  The least should/shall be welcomed.  The greatest are the ones that no one at that time would expect.  You want to be great?  Then clean up the house and kill the fatted calf for the least, little, lonely, lost and left behind.

That’s what greatness looks like in Jesus’ eyes.

Take time this week to look around at what “greatness” is highlighted in our everyday culture.  Who is ordained to be the most important and what “child” is cast aside?  And as you notice those misunderstandings of greatness (from Jesus’ perspective), how can you UnDo them?  How can you welcome someone differently than the world does?

Next week on Monday, we will restart God on Tap.  It’s an hour of great conversation, prayer, discussions, disagreements and usually accompanied by a pint or two if that’s your thing.  This month, we’ll start to take more time to name more of the things that Jesus would UnDo and see the Biblical stories where he spoke to it.  Bring yours with you!  What do you think Jesus would UnDo and have you heard/read a Bible story that speaks to that?

Enjoy your week of looking at greatness through Jesus’ eyes.  May you see another piece of daily life that Jesus just might UnDo!

Lord, help me see what Jesus needs me to see.  Amen

Still in One Peace