September 22nd, 2021

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Happy Fall!  It’s a season.  It’s a situation.  It’s an opportunity.  It’s a change.

For our devotional space today, I give you a couple options for reflection.  You may click on the video of Devo’s on the Go to watch the devotions.  Or you may take some time of reflection on fall and faith.  

Fall the Season – What do you enjoy most about his transition we make today?  How is God blessing you right here and now?  How does your schedule change and shift to help you see, feel and experience those blessings?

Fall the Situation.  The Fall.  The Original One.  In the Garden of Eden.  Two naked people, a snake and an apple didn’t work out so good.  Left us open to pain, imperfection and loss instead of the utopia we were originally designed for.  What’s going on in your broken situation right now?  What is God calling you away from?  What is God encouraging you not to “eat.”  What pivot do you need to make for a more faithful, life-full future?

Fall the Opportunity – We trip.  And we fall.  And it hurts.  Unless someone catches us!  Who is tripping around you right now?  Who’s hurt that you can reach out to?  Who/what needs you to catch them?  And how can you do that?

Fall the Change – Leaves and colors change every moment now.  Even in the death of the leaves, beauty is revealed.  Their change is a moment of blessing for us.  How can you take some time to enjoy that change in creation and in life?  What changes that you are in the midst of might also be releasing blessings?

Let us enter into fall today: the season, the situation, the opportunity and the change.  And feel God’s blessing the whole way.

Still in One Peace