September 29th, 2021

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So this week’s text in church is from Mark 10 and it involves Jesus speaking about divorce.  It’s a tough text to preach on.

Then I got home from my run this morning and found last week’s “Refresh” section of the Buffalo News opened to this article laying on the counter.  “Uh-oh!” I thought.  The article is titled “Unhappy During Uncertain Times”.  “Is Michelle subtly trying to tell me something??”

Turns out she was going to share it with a client of hers and she’ll allow me to keep living in the house.  So it’s all going to work out.

But between Jesus bringing it up and me seeing this article on the counter, it was a clear reminder to me that marriage take a lot of work!  And sometimes the gift that marriage is can be put on the back burner and that’s just one way that this gift can start to go south.

Michelle and I have told one another multiple times that we have been guilty of letting that happen.  Kids.  Jobs.  Health.  Other fun stuff.  Other hard stuff.  Other people.  All of those things and more can get in the way.

I believe it’s why Jesus is speaking about it.  Not to condemn but to remind and redirect.  Not to quote rules and laws for the sake of guilting, but instead for the opportunity to inspire change, renewal and grace.

I know I needed this reminder again today.  Maybe you did too.

May we hear Jesus speaking about marriage as a gift: one to invest into, a promise to nourish, a pair of imperfect people to be graceful with and a place for forgiveness and grace to become tangible.

Lord, help all of us to invest into our relationships of love, especially our marriages.  Amen

Still in One Peace