November 24th, 2021

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ps from ps…Have you counted them?  Have you named them?  Have you looked around to see what God has done, is doing and will continue to do.

Blessings.  Left.  Right.  And Center.

“Every time I think of you, I thank my God,” the apostle Paul wrote to one of his churches.  Every time.  

Now Paul’s life wasn’t easy, wasn’t drama-free, wasn’t void of tough times.  Heck, he wrote some of his letters from prison!  

And our lives aren’t either.  They are filled with challenges, with pot holes, with grief, with transitions, with health concerns and more.  But it DOES NOT mean that the blessings go away.  It only means that it MORE important to search for them, find them, name them, celebrate them and share them.

Tomorrow will be an easy day to do that.  Hopefully you will be around a table with friends or family.  Notice the food.  Notice the warmth.  Notice the quiet if you need that.  Notice, even in the chairs that are now empty, the stories that you created together.  Notice it all….and hopefully notice a Bills win too!

But that’s tomorrow.  What about today?  “No day like today” they sing out in the musical Rent.  How can you channel Paul’s vision and see more of the blessings around you?  How can you name them and count them and let them help you overpower the challenges…even for a moment?  How can you share them with those that are struggling to see theirs?  

No day like today friends!  May God’s blessings pour over you, and may they be super easy to see!

Happy Thanksgiving,