December 1st, 2021

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Happy Biegner Winter!

But more importantly than that, Happy Chivetta’s Chicken Dinner Day.  Well, that’s not actually a “real day” like the start of Biegner Winter, but they are set up on our front lawn cooking chicken.  (Side note: this isn’t a fundraiser St. Paul’s is running, they just needed a site because the church across the street cancelled on them.   HOWEVER, they are still kicking $.75 from every meal they sell to the Discretionary Fund to help out families around the holidays.  So spread the word and grab some grub!)

I love Chivettas mainly because of the smell.  You can be driving down the road anywhere in WNY with your windows down and if you smell that particular smell, you know Chivettas is cooking somewhere nearby.  The smell points you right to the savory meal!

What smell do you give off?  And what does it point to?

Well, maybe there’s a better way to phrase that.

John the Baptist was a pointer.  To Jesus!  And he probably did actually smell because he moved his road show out into the wilderness to yell, scream, preach and proclaim that God was about to do something awesome that God had been talking about for a long time.  And if you were driving by with your windows down, you knew what he was pointing to right away!  Jesus.

When people drive by you and me with their windows down, what will they smell?  What will it point to?  

In this season of Advent, we await the coming of Christ again.  We celebrate the first time he arrived and now we “await.”  While we’re waiting, who are we pointing to with our words, deeds and actions?  When we preach to the world around us, to our friends and family in relationship, what do people hear/see us saying/doing?  Are the ways that we live out the grace-filled compassion and redemption that we have received pointing toward God’s love for the world?  

When I smell Chivettas, I know it right away.  When people smell me, will it be that clear?

John’s a great reminder to us to make the path a little straighter, the voice a little louder and the actions a little clearer.  So that as loved children of God, we can clearly point to Jesus.

Lord, help me to prepare your way and point clearly to you.  Amen,

Still in One Peace,