February 9th, 2022

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ps from ps:
Love heals.

In Luke’s gospel, he highlights in chapter six that when Jesus was teaching them – “He came down with them to a level place to teach and heal them.”  A level place.  With them.  This is no sermon on a mountain.  This is a level playing field, a closer connection and a Lord coming to those who need love that heals.

Love heals.  Especially love that goes TO the people in need.  Especially love that makes LEVEL the playing fiend.

A few years back when my MUCH old sister turned 50, we gathered, two sisters and a brother, to hike up and down the Grand Canyon.  At that point in life, we were a loosely connected crew.  Living in Phoenix, Buffalo and Boston made already strained past sibling relationships even trickier.  

So we met for a few days together and experienced love healing.  Our level place went up and down one of the most stunning places in the world.  But the healing love might have been even more dramatic.  We came together and walked, laughed, rehashed and reconnected.  We went to one another to teach and be healed.  We were on a level place together to listen and love.  A sacred place.

Love healed.

I think Jesus is reminding us there is healing in love when we go to one another and seek out level ground.  Love heals when we offer ourselves into a space that isn’t ours or theirs, but is Gods level plain.

Today may you sense God walking toward and with you into that place.  And may that sense of presence allow you walk toward and with another to allow love to heal again.

Lord, let your love heal and teach again.  Amen

Be well, safe and blessed!