March 23rd, 2022

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ps from ps:
Don’t forget to turn right.

Went out for a run last week instead of the mind-numbing hotel treadmill. Went over to the Tow Path along the Cuyahoga River south of Cleveland. Partly cloudy, light breeze and next to the moving waters. Already a better decision. Run plan – 25 minutes out and 25 minutes back. Easy flat run.

Wasn’t planning on turning right.

Then .4 miles into the run I came to a sign letting me know the Hemlock Creek Trail went to the right. Never heard of it and didn’t expect it. I looked back toward the Tow Path, which was straight and easy for at least another 2 miles. Then I looked at the Hemlock Creek Trail, which I could only see about .2 miles of. However the sign spoke of a winding creek, a waterfall and scenic Hemlock trees.

So I turned right.

For the first mile, I found a great winding trail that took me over railroad tracks and bridges, with a couple little stops to stretch and take in the rapids of the creeks.

But then on the second mile, the 7% and 9% grade signs arrived. Hills. Steep ones. Wasn’t thrilled, but I slowed down, walked when I needed to and made it to the waterfall.

As I doubled back, I got to enjoy the fruits of my labor that my 9% grades were now downhills. That was pretty fantastic and on my phone app, made me look like a very talented and fast runner. Although in live time, probably looked a little spastic.

That day, I got to experience something I’ve never seen or done because I turned right. And my run was better for it.

As you launch into your day today or contemplate tomorrow, maybe there’s a super easy safe option or maybe there’s a little nicer straight and easy path? Or…. maybe there’ll be an opportunity, a slight risk, a new option, a potential to see something different, a call to “Follow Me” or step out of a boat or Go to all people…if you just turn right? I can’t promise there won’t be steeps grades on that path, but I can tell you that if you slow down, you’ll conquer them! You’ll enjoy the way back.

Enjoy your “run” today and don’t forget to consider that “turn right.”

Lord, thanks for the invitations to turn right.  Amen

Be well, safe and blessed!