June 22nd, 2022

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ps from ps:We’re going on a journey!!

Well maybe.  Hopefully!  At least as followers of Jesus, we certainly should be.

I know for me and my crew at home, our summer will be filled with lots of journeys.  Trips backpacking.  Trips to camp.  Trips to the lake.  Trips overseas.  Trips with family.  And each of them bring a different excitement and expectation.  What I love about the days leading up to a trip is that we start “to keep our eyes on it.”  We focus on it.  Preparations.  Conversations.  Planning.  And yes, as we slog through the details, road bumps and stressors of prepping for that trip, there are certainly things that can frustrate, distract and stress us out.  

Back in the day, Jesus invited his disciples on a trip.  Invited them to “set their eyes” on Jerusalem.  On the cross.  On what he was here to do.  On the kingdom breaking in.  How did they do?  Well, just like me, they got distracted, stressed and messed up.  We’ll hear on Sunday about these same “cross focused” disciples, upon having some folks disagree with Jesus, requesting if they should “rain fire down upon them.”

Not really “cross focused” guys.  Nice work.

Now in this day, Jesus invites us as disciples to take a trip.  A trip of faith.  Of living into and living out the kingdom of God in each and every one of our days.  

With all you might have going on this summer…in the midst of all your trips, how will you stay cross focused?  How will your hearts be journeying toward Jerusalem?  How will you avoid the pitfalls and asking to “rain fire down” upon the people that disagree with us?  

This is the challenge of being cross focused and not us focused.

May you enjoy your trip this week.  May the excitement of following Jesus be tangible and real.  And may your heart continue to stay cross focused as you journey with Jesus.

Lord, let’s go.  I’m excited.  Help me keep my heart focused.  Amen

Be well, safe and blessed,