June 29th, 2022

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ps from ps: Are you well?

Throughout Scripture, Jesus models wellness.  Spiritual.  Emotional.  Physical.  He prays and rests.  He worships and serves.  He reaches out and shares grace.  He heals and gathers around meals for community.  Spiritual, emotional and physical wellness.

Are you well?

Are you giving enough attention to all three of these areas?

You are welcome to try “Wellness Walks” that blend all three.  We created them last summer and will add to them this summer.  They are 30 minute guided mediations and reflections to do during a walk outside or on your treadmill.  (However, I highly encourage outside!)

You can find Wellness Walks (by searching that and/or my name) on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer or most other places you find your podcasts.  After trying them, give me some feedback or other topics you’d like covered.

So take your time this week.  This summer.  And focus on your self.  Making sure you are well!

Lord, help me add wellness to my life.  Amen

Be well, safe and blessed,