July 13th, 2022

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ps from ps:
This work of art (picture above) comes from our Impact Daycamp kids.  We’re in the third week of camp and one of the days each week, we spend time emphasizing that each one of these campers is an amazing child of God, their differences make them unique and together those differences create a beautiful work of art.

I guess I just wanted you to know that today too.

Dear Camper Reading This Email,

You are unique.  And God loves your uniqueness!  God knew you in the womb before you were birthed and you were beautifully and wonderfully made.  Your uniqueness makes you special to do a certain work in the world, different than your coworkers, family and friends would do it.  And the way you do it is beautiful.  

Live fully into your unique day today and celebrate everything you are, have become and can do!

Enjoy your camp today!

Lord, thanks for making me amazing.  Amen

Be well, safe and blessed,