October 20th, 2022

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ps from ps:
I’m a “top of the pile guy.”  This term is not in a Dictionary or Wikipedia so let me share some insight.  (Disclaimer: for those newer to “ps from ps”, Steve often just makes up his own words.  And many times, his own grammar rules as well.  If you’re an English major, hang onto your hats!)

Being a TotPG (Steve also invents his own abbreviations) means that, upon getting ready for work/stuff/life in the beginning of the day, it’s a lot easier just to grab a t-shirt or socks or whatever off the top of the clean clothes pile in the wash basket than to look through all the drawers and closets for some outfit.  If I’ve worn these clean clothes before, then they must be able to fit together into some sort of coherent outfit again.  Right? (Although my daughter Lauren would disagree that the outfit was coherent the first time around.)

But what happens here is that I end up wearing the same five t-shirts.  Over and over and over.  

I have a lot of other great t-shirts!  I just never dive deep enough.  Don’t take the time.  Don’t make the effort.  But when I do, I’m always thrilled with the “new” shirt that reminds me of something great or a place I’ve been or a fire company I work with or a Buffalo sports team.  

The same thing happens with my faith life.  I gut stuck in ruts.  I often take the easy route and least effort.  I forget to dive deeper.  I become a STotPG (Spiritual Top of the Pile Guy)

But every time I do make the effort – in deeper worship, additional Bible reading, more space for prayer, singing some Jesus-songs in the car instead of sports radio, and more….I’m always blessed by it.  Thrilled even.

Take some time to reflect on the same old clothes you are wearing, and by clothes you are wearing I mean spiritual practices and routines you may be stuck in.  If you need suggestions for new t-shirts (and by t-shirts I don’t mean t-shirts), let me know or talk to your pastor or other spiritual mentors.  

The top of the pile is fine…but maybe there is something deeper to rediscover as well.

Lord, help me to go a bit deeper this week.  Amen

Be well, safe and blessed,