October 26th, 2022

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ps from ps:
What would you put on the church door?  And…what should be posted on yours?

What am I referring to?  Why Martin Luther of course!  

Quick recap: Marty was part of the Catholic Church – the Holy Spirit opened the Scriptures for him in a new and incredible way revealing grace, forgiveness and love like he hadn’t been hearing through the church’s doctrines – he decides to do something about it – comes up with 95 things (theses) he’d like to see changed in the church – then he posts it on the church doors in the center of town for all to see.

He wrote out 95 things that seemed important to change and posted on the church doors!  Holy Gutsy!  What a risk this was.  Turns out, after a bunch of discussions and debates, it got him kicked out of the Catholic Church and also started the protestant reformation.  

But his re-centering on the grace and love of God, the gift of faith for us and the importance of God’s Word…525 years later…is the reason I want to be a pastor in the Lutheran Church.  It’s the reason I’m part of the Lutheran tribe.  It’s the reason I try my best each day to be less of a jerk than the day before.  It’s the reason I want the church to be better today than yesterday.  

So that was then.  This is now.

What needs to be posted on our church doors today?  As we see our culture slowly but steadily drift away from church life and churches (in general) continue to the same thing over and over and expect different results?  

If Luther was luthering (made up word, but I really like it) today, what would he post on our church doors?

And what would he post on us?

Jesus told his followers, “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples.”  Are we continuing?  Have we taken an early exit from the Word-of-God Highway and our GPS is asking us to “recalculate?”  And maybe Jesus is too?

I hope Luther doesn’t nail these theses to me, and you, but maybe it’s worth some introspection today. 

What sort of Reformation does our church need?  And what Reformation do I need?

Lord, help me to continue in your word and get on with reformationing.  Amen

Be well, safe and blessed,