November 16th, 2022

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ps from ps: (in person worship updates at the end)
What WERE your plans for the weekend?

If you’re reading this in WNY, you know we’re in for a sizable dose of snow coming off the Lake between Thursday and Sunday. If you’re outside of WNY, you might not see a flake – carry on.

(Editor’s Note: For review, Biegner Winter starts December 1st.  According to Bylaw 14.a.3, none of the upcoming snow is authorized and needs to be gone in three days upon arrival if outside the Dec 1st – March 10th paradigm.  Whoever is in charge of fall has dropped the ball terribly)

For those of us in the 716, our plans for the next few days are about to be interrupted.  Even just spending time getting ready for the storm that may or may not arrive at current hyped levels will take some time, energy and directional change from our original plan.

It’s sometimes annoying when our plan gets interrupted.  Off track.  Or canceled completely.  

While I was recently doing my planning for Church Unleashed recording, I noticed that one of our upcoming church texts is the angel speaking to Joseph and saying: “Your plans are about to get tossed out the window bro!  God’s got something different in store for you.  And it’s going to probably be hard, and messy, with a splash of dangerous, and a side of frustrating.” (Biegner version of the Bible). 

It’s worse than Lake Effect.  It’s a Godapalusa Storm!  And it changes plans.  

Now I don’t want to give away the ending, but when Joseph lives into the new direction, it works out pretty well and helps the kingdom of God to break into the world and the greatest salvation-bringing moment to occur.  No biggie.

Maybe your plans have had to shift lately?  You don’t have to be called to become the father of the world’s Savior to have plans shift.  It could be health stuff.  Could be your goals.  Could be jobs.  Could be relationships.  Could be various other “life snow storms.”  Plans might have to change, but God’s love for you never will.

Whatever this change looks like, I encourage you to live into it as a loved child of God.  And as Joseph did, be open to this new direction as a way to see God with you, speaking to you, living with you.  These new directions, new plans, new schedules, new activities, new routines and all the rest may just grow your faith, grow your self and grow the mission God has in store for you. 

If the storm gets rough this weekend, live into it.  Change plans if needed.  And in those changes, look for new ways to be open to God’s love for you.

Lord, help me change with you when plans change.  Amen

Be well, safe and blessed,