December 14th, 2022

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ps from psEmmanuel.  God with us.

You’re going to hear that word a lot more in the days to come, if you haven’t already.  It’s linked to Christmas.  Emmanuel – God with us – in the flesh!  Right in our stories.  Right in our imperfection.  Right in our day to day need.

I saw it unfolding today and I wasn’t in an Advent service and I also haven’t even left 4007 Main St today.  It was everywhere I looked at the Eggertsville Campus.

The social work staff was meeting up with Amherst families at the Family Support Center and sharing boxes of produce and gifts that the church and school put together.  Emmanuel.

A family was gathering in the sanctuary to mourn the loss of their mother/grandmother/friend, to share her story of 99+ years and to hang onto the power of the resurrection. Emmanuel.

Summit Center was gathering with their 12 young adult participants who are dealing with some extra daily challenges and giving them community, grace and learning.  Emmanuel.

The Daily Bread kitchen and volunteer staff were getting more soups ready for those that will pull through the parking lot on Monday, hungry and looking for some “good food and love.”  Emmanuel.

Staff and volunteers were scattered around the building being about and doing the behind the scenes work of the mission.  Emmanuel. 

It’s just a Wednesday.  A regular day.  And God’s with us-ness was everywhere I looked.  

Do you see it?  Are you giving yourself time to see it?  

If you do….you will.

I wonder how much more I’ll see when I pull out of the driveway?

Lord, thanks for being with us on Christmas…and on Wednesdays.  Amen

Be well, safe and blessed,