January 18th, 2023

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ps from ps
What lifts you?

What can you do, connect to, center yourself around, make space for and give time to that lifts you?  Your spirits?  Your hope?  Your strength?  Your peace?

What lifts you?

Adam Schmidt has a great musical offering of the song “I’m So Glad Jesus Lifted Me” that you can enjoy by clicking HERE.  Maybe it’s music that lifts you up?  If so, enjoy!

But whatever it is, create some time for it today.  Don’t wait for it.  Make it.  

We’ll hear another lesson this weekend where Jesus is calling the disciples.  He just says: Follow me!  Don’t wait.  Don’t stall.  Let’s do this!  He knows that following him will lift them and that together, they will lift others.  

Over the past few days at home recovering, I had several opportunities to watch videos and reflect on the power of MLK Jr’s call for those that needed to be lifted to follow him.  And when they did, it changed the world.  It not only lifted them, but it lifted generations to follow.  

What lifts you?  My sense of how we work as humans in the world goes like this: when we allow ourselves to be lifted up, we put ourselves in better mental, spiritual and physical space.  And when we are in that better space, we have a better opportunity to lift up others.  A greater chance to reach beyond ourselves.

Today, Jesus calls us to Follow Him and be lifted up.  Don’t wait.  Don’t delay.  Don’t postpone.  Let yourself go to that healthier space.

Lord, where are we going today?  Let’s go!  Amen

Be well, safe, and blessed,