January 25th, 2023

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“Do justice.  Love kindness.  And walk humbly with your God.” – Micah (in the Old Testament)

I first remember hearing this verse when I joined the staff at Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center (LCLC) back in the ’80s.  I’m sure I had heard it before in regular church, but I was probably not paying as much attention.  As a kid, church was filled with distractions and boredom.  And as a pastor’s kid, it was filled even more with messing around when I was supposed to be worshipping or listening to some life-changing Confirmation lesson from my dad.  So let’s just agree that I missed out on the depth of what Scripture had to offer for most of my childhood.

Until camp.  Camp helped me pay attention.

LCLC was the first place I experienced younger people excited about their faith and willing to pass it on.  I was with other people my age and it was actually OK to talk about questions, doubts and the fact that you thought this Jesus character was pretty cool.  

And then this verse from Micah: a simple message on how to live out your faith.  Three steps.  Sure there are complexities within them, but the basics are there.  I don’t have it tattooed on my body (that’s Jeremiah 29:11) but it is certainly tattoo worthy.  Or bumper sticker.  Or away message.  Or voice mail outgoing message.  Or dashboard sticky note.  Or wherever you put simple reminders to remind you how to live out your faith.

Where is that place for you?  Where are you reminded? Is it camp?  Church?  Your tattoo?  A cross in your house?  A verse like Micah’s gem?

And what is the verse?  Is it a few words?  A longer story?  An entire book or gospel?

I hope you have one.  But if you don’t, I offer you that verse from Micah.  Join me in those three simple steps this week and beyond as we realize together that this Jesus character is pretty cool.

Lord, thanks for the simplicity and depth of this thing called faith?  Amen

Side note: Mr. Lee Lindeman, who many of you know and has visited St. Paul’s many times, is retiring after 18 years of being the Executive Director of LCLC.  We are pulling together a financial gift for him to thank him for his years of energy and direction for the camp.  His strong leadership and living out of that Micah verse has put the camp in incredible stable ministry and financial position.  Michelle and I (we met at LCLC) will be contributing to this and I invite you to as well.  

Checks can be sent to our LCLC Board Treasurer Holly Freed at: Nativity Lutheran Church; C/o Holly Freed, LCLC Board Treasurer; 970 East Main Street; East Aurora, NY 14052.  Or, you can give online through St. Paul’s by clicking HERE.  Please designate “Pastor’s Discretionary Fund” and all gift will go directly to Lee.  Let’s show him our thanks by overwhelming him with our generosity.  

Please check out the information under his picture about the Blessing and Sending Event on Feb 4 if you want to say thank you in person.


Be well, safe, and blessed,