February 1st, 2023

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ps from ps
You made it!!  You made it through the darkest 10 weeks of the year.  The five weeks preceding the winter solstice and the five weeks after it – they make up the “fifth of the year” that has the least amount of light.  

And we even have some sunshine today in WNY as I type.  

As the light grows, hopefully it’s battling the physical, emotional and spiritual “S.A.D.” that comes with winter.

But sometimes “winters” aren’t just a season.  Sometimes they’re an event.  Or a period of time.  Or grief.  Or a struggle.

Luckily the prophets of the Old Testament have some insight.

Today, Adam Schmidt shares some original music to accompany Joshua’s words of wisdom for all of us.  I could listen to it all day on repeat!  You can enjoy it by clicking HERE.

And as you listen, may you be strong and courageous in the midst of the winters.

Lord, may connecting to you bring strength for today!  Amen

Be well, safe, and blessed,