February 8th, 2023

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ps from ps
“I lift my eyes up to the hills; from does my help come?  My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.” – Psalm 121

Important to remember that second part sometimes.  Maybe all the time.  God is big and set this all in motion and has given us gifts of wonder around us to remind us.

But do we take the opportunities to see them?

I went up to the City of Niagara Falls this morning to pick up something from one of our Lutheran Churches that recently closed.  Ironically,  it’s another St. Paul’s (which never ceases to amaze me at how little creativity went into naming churches years ago).

If you’re not familiar with where the City of Niagara Falls is located, it’s right next to the ACTUAL Niagara Falls!  Which is basically in my backyard….or a 40 minute drive away from my home.  And since moving back to Buffalo 20 years ago, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve visited the Falls.  Yes, many have it on their list of the seven wonders of the world (or at least an honorary eighth) and I barely/rarely swing by.  

So today, I stopped by.  Not for long, but a six minute detour and a few extra steps put me yards away from an amazing spectacle of God’s creation.  The Lord, that made the heavens and the earth….and the Falls.

How many other “wonders” are we that close to each and every day and we forget to stop by or breathe it in or recognize it or connect it to God’s divine presence and gift?  They might not be as large as Niagara Falls but I bet they are around you right now.  Small children napping.  Your dog looking out the window at home.  Quiet moments where you feel connected to another human.  A small creek quietly flowing in the neighborhood.  The sun breaking through the clouds for a moment or two.  

Wonders.  All around us.  Reminding us of God’s gift.

Where would a six minute detour and a few extra steps take you today?  What is in your view right now that we sometimes forget to marvel at?  Are you noticing the wonders of what God is doing right now?

They are important to remember to see….maybe all the time.

Lord, thanks for the moments and places of wonder that you give to us.  Amen

Still in One Peace,