February 15th, 2023

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ps from ps
“Let us build some tents and hang out here Lord” – Pete, Jim and Jack on the mountaintop with Jesus

Doesn’t that just make sense?   It’s waaaaay more fun to hang out in/on the “mountain top experiences” of life.  No way says when they’re leaving a nice cup of coffee and conversation with their friend: “Hope your day turns to total garbage!”  No, we wish blessings and goodness on people.   We want to be on and wish others to have these mountain top moments.  

MTM’s (Mountain Top Moments) are the times we feel it, sense it and can touch/taste the goodness of God’s presence, love, hope and comfort.  MTM’s are the moments when it’s clear, when it’s real and when it’s tangible.  MTM’s are the times when faith isn’t a mystery, instead it’s a reality.  

So no wonder the boys wanted to stay with Jesus up on the mountain top on that first Transfiguration Day when Jesus did the whole “I’m God and human and yes and Let’s Go!!!” thing, turning dazzling white, standing with OT Bible elders and the disciples found themselves in an SSMM – Sweet Sassy Molassy Moment.

But Jesus said: “Fellas, that’s not the point of this.  The point of all this is going back down the mountain and getting to work.  Doing the hard stuff.  BUT, knowing that God’s presence is with you.”

The picture above is from a friend of mine that’s on the west coast this morning.  Look’s like a MTM right?  But he’s going through a rough patch with work colleagues and there’s hard work ahead.  What I love is that in the midst of the hard work, he stopped, grabbed a MTM so that while the hard work of life continues, he knows that he’s not alone, God is present and that might just cause a SSMM for the people he works with.

Are you in the midst of the hard work that God has called you into today?  Have you taken enough time for a little MTM to help you through the battle?  

Take it.  Find it.  They are there for a purpose.  God didn’t hide this first MTM.  And God isn’t trying to hide the others.  God just didn’t want us to sit around and think that’s the only thing that life is about.  They are there to carry us forward.

Lord, sweet sassy molassy, thanks for these moments to carry us forward.  Amen

Still in One Peace,