March 8th, 2023

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I love Men’s Breakfast at St. Paul’s and it’s coming up again this Saturday.  I love the book we’re reading and the discussion we have around it.  And I love that in the book, there is not mention of Jesus….and yet, it’s really all about Jesus.

The book is called – Legacy.

What Legacy are you leaving today?

Too often we think about legacy as something we give away once we depart this earth.  But what we’ve learned is that EVERY interaction we have with those in the world around us leaves a legacy.  

And Jesus modeled that for us.

Every interaction.  There are no throw away moments.

General David Petraeus said: “Instill in your team’s members a sense of great self-worth – that each, at any given time, can be the most important on the battlefield.”

Jesus didn’t just call 12 disciples to the battlefield, he called every person he interacted with to live differently, boldly, compassionately and loved.  His interactions and relationships with his team (read: the world) invited others into love.  Every.  Single.  Time.

In John’s 4th chapter, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well and she is surprised and astonished that Jesus is (a) talking with her and (b) offering HER water and waters of life.  The was pre-International Women’s Day clearly!  But Jesus still creates a Legacy.  A legacy of grace, invitation, hope and compassion.  

Every.  Single.  Time.  Legacy.

What will today bring you?  Who will you meet at a well?  What can you offer in your interactions?  

God has already given to each of us a Legacy.  How will we build our team today?

Lord, may all my interactions today build your Legacy.  Amen

Still in One Peace,