March 15th, 2023

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ps from ps
Today, remember it’s OK.

While I was out on a run this week, I was reminded of this.  Let me share just a few things that are OK for today.

1. It’s OK to start, start over or start again. It will take courage but if it doesn’t work/go well, you can start over another time. But if you never start, you never experience and you never finish.
2. It’s OK to ask for help. It doesn’t show weakness, it shows strength. And the person you ask might just need to help you as well!
3. It’s OK to be nervous. It means you care. And the same feeling that is labeled nervous, can also be labeled excitement.
4. It’s OK to be sad. It means you loved, cared, hoped. Don’t let sadness be named a negative emotion by someone else. Honor the sadness and let it become sacred.
5. It’s OK to be optimistic. Dream your dreams and live into them every day without letting anyone/anything pull you from them.
6. It’s OK to adjust. Take what today’s “run” gives you and enjoy it for what it is. That means you might have to adjust your run plan mid-run.
7. It’s OK to be different. Your difference will make the team stronger and deeper. We are designed to be in community and community needs differences to be whole. Celebrate your difference.

The Scriptures speak of these and many more things that are OK.  In the days ahead, I’ll share more with you in person about how God addresses these things.  But for now, you go on your run or your task or your work or your ministry or just go into your day…and know you are loved and it’s OK.

Lord, thanks for reminding us that today can be OK  Amen

Still in One Peace,