April 5th, 2023

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“Wait, what?”

Michelle read this phrase in two different readings this morning and told me about them and how that phrase reminds her of everyone’s favorite youth director, St. Paul’s own Adam Weber.  So, I thought I would continue the theme.  

Adam has been often overhead expressing his surprise in the phrase: “Wait, what?”  For example, Adam has been working at St. Paul’s for four years now and upon me seeing his Christmas card and gift still in his mailbox, I texted him to let him know.  You’ll never guess his response: “Wait, what?  I have a mailbox?”   (Side note, I’m pretty sure this is a picture of Adam in High School but it’s the only one the interweb would give me.).

This is a “Wait, what?” kinda week for more than just mailbox and Christmas gift discoveries.

Wait, what? – We’re not coming here to celebrate a king of power and glory coming into Jerusalem?

Wait, what? – What do you mean New Command?  And that’s just wine and bread, not your body and blood, is it?

Wait, what? – Why is he actually letting Judas hand him over like that?  Can’t he stop this?

Wait, what? – Why would you want Barabbas released when this other guy’s done nothing wrong?

Wait, what? – I wasn’t with him.  I didn’t follow him.  I don’t know him.

Wait, what? – I thought you could heal and raise the dead?  Can’t you get yourself down?

Wait, what? – I’ll be with you in paradise??  Today??

Wait, what? – That can’t possibly be his last breath??  It can’t end like this, can it??

This week is full of surprises that Jesus would take this route.  There had to be a better way right?  But this was the only way that God could show the depth of God’s love, redeem the world and conquer death itself.

May you be surprised, caught off guard and amazed as the story unfolds again this week for us.  And may you not miss the end of the story….

Wait, what? – The stone is rolled away???

Lord, thank you for walking a story that surprises us with the depth of your love.  Amen

Still in One Peace,