April 19th, 2023

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If you live in the 716, you are starting to see the announcements of events, gatherings and memorials to recognize the massacre at Tops on 5/14/22.  

We have struggled and worked hard at St. Paul’s to not make that day be about “just one day.”  Our calling is to be about a continual conversation (and the work that comes from that) to make sure there is never another 5/14 here or anywhere.  And yet when we turn on the news, we see that we have to step our game up.

I had coffee yesterday at the Golden Cup coffee shop, next to that same Tops, with friends from St. Paul’s, East Side Bike Club and Bethel AME Church.  We did some sharing, checking in and planning for future stuff.  We want to keep the conversation going beyond “photo shoot memorials,” as one of the guys said.  But it was Bishop Jerry’s thoughts that really struck me.  He said: “I’m 74 years old.  I’ve sat around these tables in these same conversations with good intentions more times than I can remember.  And yet here we are still!”  

Here we are still!

There was a tired sound in his voice.  An exhaustion.  But he still came to the table!  Running the race set before him.  

We must still run this race as the church.  We must still ask the questions.  The hard questions.  The awkward questions.  Because when we ask them, and if we open our ears and set aside our viewpoints, we might just hear God’s answers.

If you want to be a part of asking questions and listening for answers, come to May’s God on Tap.  Please email the office@stpaulseggertsville.com to let us know you’ll be there.  But we’re going to wrestle with this further.  St. Paul’s.  Ray of Hope.  Peniel Haitian Church.  Bethel AME.  East Side Bike Club.  Wheels for Workers.  And more.  

Spoiler alert: we probably won’t figure out all the answers in one hour.  But we WILL take steps forward, meet new people, create new community and support one another in the challenging times.

As Old Biegner says: “If not us, who?  If not now, when?”  He’s right!

So let’s keep the conversation going.  Us.  Now.

Lord, bless these conversations and let us be open to hearing your answers.  Amen

Still in One Peace,