May 10th, 2023

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I posted this picture last Wednesday afternoon on St. Paul’s Facebook page.  It wasn’t just an empty room.  But more accurately, it was a Waiting Room.

Not the traditional doctor’s office type waiting room, but a room that was waiting for people to gather for God on Tap.  Discussions.  Conversations.  Prayer.  And in only a couple hours after I took and posted that picture, the waiting was over and it became a room of restoration.

A Restoration Room.  

It was a room where black, white, brown, Haitian, German, Christians, Jews, AME, Lutheran and more came together to restore one another.  One of the definitions of restore is to “bring back; reinstate.”  And that’s what we did.  We wrestled with life, community, racism, love and so many other things that are on our radar as we approach 5/14 one year later.  We were able to “bring back” helpful conversations, prayer together and restorative, reinstating moments of tangible hope.  We prayed together over the hour in English, Creole and Hebrew.  Because none of us on our own has all the answers.

When I left, I felt restored.  We didn’t fix anything or guarantee hatred and racism isn’t going to show up in our home town again.  But we returned to God again together and asked for help and for us to be part of the continued healing.

A Restoration Room.

I’ve been thinking about that sort of space more and more since that evening.  A space where we reconnect with God.  Where we’re honest with ourselves and others.  Where we admit we need guidance.  Where we feel tangible hope, grace and love.

Sometimes I’ll sit for a few minutes in the church sanctuary during the day when I’m flying between this and that.  And when I take the time and pause, I feel God’s restoration.  Or a walk on a beautiful day alone or with another missionary as we wrestle with life.  And I feel God’s restoration.

Where is your Restoration Room?  Where do you or can you go to breathe, to talk, to connect and feel God’s restoration?  We might not figure everything out while we’re there, but we will feel God’s presence if we create the space.

I encourage you to make space in your day and the space in your life to transition the waiting rooms around you into life giving, life reinstating Restoration Rooms.

Lord, thank you for those moments of restoration.  Amen

Still in One Peace,